Last minute loans – be careful!


The non-bank loan market is constantly increasing. Most companies advertise with slogans of quick payday loans, that are transferred to customer accounts inside a maximum of 15 minutes. Is it accurate? Can we really take a mortgage at the last minute, hoping the money will almost instantly impact our account? Better not danger it. Advertisements give wish, but you must be aware that not everything depends on the lender.  

Quick loans? Never delay sending the application for any payday loan

We generally take non-bank loans through the need to pay for unforeseen expenditures. They guarantee us fast money, which is why we hope that they can appear on our account the moment we accept our app. It’s easy and quick to take an online payday loan, so we don’t expect everything to go wrong. We believe that the lending company will fulfill his guarantees and will not allow any kind of delays.

Nevertheless, let’s not wait for the final moment. Payday loans are fast, provided that the right time will be filed. Meanwhile, many times till the last moment we are unsure if we will definitely apply for cash. Maybe we borrow in the family? Or will all of us receive an unexpected bonus which will save our budget?

Because of this, if we make a decision suddenly, we all cannot expect the unattainable. A loan in 15 minutes is not only a meaningless advertisement, however, the speed of the transfer is not actually dependent on the lender. Everyone wants to receive the money before the 15 minutes pass.

But all of us can’t be sure that we will have the transfer so quickly, even if we chose the lender in the top of the payday rankings. Exactly what then determines the speed associated with cash transfer?

Do not apply on vacations and weekends

Do not apply on holidays and weekends

“Why haven’t I received financing yet? ” Is typical question borrowers ask through consultants of companies working in the non-banking sector. Time in which the loan will be within our account depends primarily within the moment of submitting the application form for financial support.

The particular loan application requires only fundamental data, which is why we can full it in our free time. Sadly, we usually have it throughout the weekend or on a vacation. And this is the worst minute to send loan forms, particularly when we need money for now. This follows that important monetary decisions are better used on business days. Then lenders consider their apps on an ongoing basis.

On Saturday or even Sunday, we can at most contact the hotline or search for information about the offer around the portal. Our application will need to wait before someone are designed for it. All the more so when we would like to negotiate better loan conditions. Then the whole process requires even more time.

Does the lender have an account with your bank?

Immediate transfers are only possible when the lender has an account using the same bank as the consumer. The loan company always cooperates with several financial institutions, however, it may turn out that our financial institution is not on this list. After that what?

As with normal exchanges, we will have to wait a little longer for it to be acknowledged. We can check the exact moments of the sessions, but all of us won’t speed anything upward. Therefore, although in a few mins we will complete the application plus verify personal data, almost everything may be delayed in time.

We should also ensure during which hours our financial institution works. When applying within the afternoon, we must be aware that the particular transfer can arrive just in the morning. This should not be an issue for us, unless the money is really needed on the same day.

Contact the lender when the transfer does not arrive inside a day

Contact the lender if the transfer does not arrive within a day

24 hours could be the maximum time during which we ought to expect a loan transfer. This really is one of the information that loan providers provide on their websites. When the money is still not on this account after the day offers finished, we should contact the lending company. The non-bank institution that people use will carefully verify when it has launched the particular funds and what is currently taking place to them.

To be able to clarify the issue of transfer, it is advisable to make a call to the service number. We will quickly receive a solution and we will not worry how the money from the loan continues to be lost forever. You can also deliver an e-mail or get into your account created on the website from the loan company, called the customer cell. There, however, most likely we are going to find information about the dedication itself, but for details about the particular transfer, we should ask experts or consultants.

Make decisions wisely

Make decisions wisely

Although we can’t wait around to send a loan application, we ought to make a wise decision. One of the guidelines for wise borrowing would be to apply for the amounts you really need. By borrowing just as much as our budget needs plus taking into account other commitments, we are going to avoid financial problems. We are able to easily settle payments plus pay a full refund prior to we look back.

It is worth making use of rankings, including installment financial loans rankings, to borrow through proven lenders. The first areas of such lists are in fact taken by trustworthy companies. Advantageously, the offer of accountable non-bank institutions will bring all of us only benefits.

“Quick loans will effectively meet our needs, whenever we submit an application in a timely manner. If we get it done during the business day, both confirmation and money transfer is going to be almost instant. Remember that if you run out of cash throughout the weekend. You will have to wait for the particular loan, but additional spending budget support will always be useful.


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